As an official A-Z mapping reseller, we supply high quality Custom Wall Maps based on their iconic mapping. We can use a range of A-Z map types to cover your required area and these range from large scale street mapping to a selection of smaller scale road mapping options for covering larger areas.

The maps themselves are based upon Ordnance Survey mapping of assorted scales, but A-Z have incorporated updating material acquired by their own cartographers from other sources such as Department of Transport, County, and Borough Councils.

Up to date mapping data is always a boon, whether a map for business use or just for a domestic premises and A-Z are constantly working to update the mapping to maintain the most up to date information possible.

Some of the advantages that you get from an A-Z Custom wall map are:

  • Because A-Z data is held as a seamless coverage we can provide bespoke areas of mapping – so whereas your area of interest might straddle two different Atlases, we can cover just the area that you require.
  • A-Z mapping is the best street mapping to use in conjunction with an index of streets. The streets listed alphabetically in the index are present on the map and this is not always the case with some types of street mapping where roads that are present on the index have been taken out of the map because of issues of space.
Advantages Of Using A-Z Mapping For Custom Wall Maps

Advantages Of Using A-Z Mapping For Custom Wall Maps

  • Whereas some street mapping misses off street names that won’t fit into small road spaces, A-Z mapping has been assiduously styled by a cartographer so that the name is fitted as near to the location as possible.
  • A-Z mapping is instantly recognisable. The classic street mapping style uses bright oranges & yellows for A & B roads so that they stand out quickly, minor roads are in white and built up areas are in a light salmon shade.
  • Places of interest such as museums, parks, hospitals, etc, are comprehensively covered. Overland Rail & tube stations are shown, schools are individually named (some street maps just show the letters “sch”) and One way systems are marked.

Central London A-Z 1 to 7,000

There are further custom mapping options that can be performed to the mapping to help suit your requirements. For instance, the map scale can be enlarged to make the image size larger and easier to read, we can add your company details or a ‘You are here’ label to the map and we can overlay additional information such as postcode boundaries, borough boundaries and radius rings etc.

Aside from providing the maps in full colour we can also greyscale or recolour the mapping in your corporate colour.


We can provide your map on a variety of media. Options include Laminated, Laminated with hanging bars, Hardboard, Foamcore (pin board), Magnetic board, Canvas, Acrylic and a selection of Wooden frames. We can even provide A-Z map wallpaper or floor coverings!

For meticulous quality of mapping that is second to none, A-Z custom wall maps make a striking feature in any building.