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A Comparison of Street Mapping

OS Street View Map

A street map, as the name suggests, is a map that primarily displays roads in preference to natural geographical information, showing the names of the streets and their position in a town or area. In addition to roads, street maps often include points of interest such as schools and hospitals. […]


Brexit Infographic: How important is UK trade with the EU?

UK Trade with the EU

  This infographic map shows how UK trading compares between the EU and non-EU. As a whole, the EU is the UK’s major trading partner, as in 2015 it accounted for 44% of our exports and 53% of our imports of goods and services – with our largest trading partner being […]


Maps on Film

Scott & Bailey

With Maps being such essential business tools, it is easy to forget that they can also provide a strong visual stimulus to help to influence a desired atmosphere in a setting and sometimes just make other things around them look good! With this in mind we have found that our […]


Map showing the most Eurosceptic and Europhile areas of Britain

Brexit Opinion Map

The map below shows the top 10 Eurosceptic and Europhile areas of Britain. With the date set for the European Union referendum on 23rd June this year, we thought it would be interesting to see which areas of Britain are most for and against staying in the EU. New YouGov […]


How corporate maps can help promote your business

Map with branding

Everyone likes to be remembered and remembered for the right reasons! Well with competition being so fierce in the marketplace today it has never been more important to think outside the box when promoting your brand and Corporate Maps offer a resourceful way of getting your business right under someone’s […]


Which Countries Spend the Most at Christmas?

Christmas Spending

The map below shows  a colour coded map which illustrates how much different countries spend at Christmas. It is interesting to see that Ireland spend the most at Christmas with Switzerland just behind. Ireland spend an average of 966 Euro per household. The Uk are also in the top third […]


Radius maps for business use

Radius maps for business use

Do you need to prioritise the business that you offer to those people nearest to you, or do you need some way of charging your services out at different costs depending on how far you have to travel? If so then a Radius Map is going to be an invaluable […]


Site Centred Wallpaper for the Office

Multiple Radials

Sometimes a map isn’t just a navigational tool, but a statement; that speaks volumes about the ethos of your company and which can tell a story about where your company is and where it wants to be. Your office says a lot about you and is representative of you, so […]


Lovell Johns @ 50

Lovell Johns @ 50

This year Lovell Johns is celebrating its 50th anniversary! As one of Lovell Johns’ brands, has been a big part of the business for the past 5 years. We will be joining in the celebrations with various social media activities, competitions and offers over the next 3 months. You […]


Premium wall maps for the office

Map matching client's corporate colours

It can be easy to overlook that your office has become dated, cluttered or just plain uninspiring, but how your office looks is just too important to ignore! If your office is where you first meet clients then it is your first chance to make a good and lasting impression […]