1. Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka best advertising campaigns

A ‘light-hearted’ advert for Absolut vodka in 2008 for the Mexican market managed to cause a “storm in a shot glass”. The ad showed an ‘antique’ map of North America dating to before the Mexican-American War, when large parts of what is now the USA belonged to Mexico in an attempt to tap into Mexico’s status as the “poor neighbour” to a country it once partly owned. This advert proved controversial and forced an apology on the Absolut website, but surely “there is no such thing as bad publicity…”

  1. Google Maps

Google Maps best advertising campaigns

Showing that even the best-known maps application resorts to advertising to promote a new feature, this London bus was repainted to spread the word. Some of the best advertising campaigns make use of items we see and use every day. Image credit: Nick Burcher

  1. Fed-Ex

Fed Ex best advertising campaigns

This image is very simple, yet it clearly makes the point of the campaign; that distances between neighbouring continents can seem reduced by delivery times. This is an innovative use of maps in one of the best advertising campaigns.

  1. Artemis

Artemis best advertising campaigns

Clever use of a map drawn to create the image of hand reinforces the implied message that the service provider knows their field ‘like the back of their hand’. This effective advertising campaign takes a simple idea and made it eye-catching and relevant to the target audience.

  1. 5.       EBAI (Eye Bank Association of India)

EBAI best advertising campaigns

This charity uses views of the earth at night and day to highlight their message to optimise use of maps in the best advertising campaigns. With a minimal amount of text, the map image really stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

6. And finally – a great example of an advert within a map, spotted on Google Earth. You have to admire the creativity of this!

Maps used in successful advertising campaign

Maps used in successful advertising campaign