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What Are Best Practices to Benefit from Business Mapping Software?

What Are Best Practices to Benefit from Business Mapping Software?

We speak to lots of companies who are looking to benefit from some location intelligence. But where to start? The locations of customers, contacts, outlets, or sales are commonly only a few clicks away. Many organisations can pull address data from a CRM, a database like Oracle or SAP, or […]


How Mapping Software Can Aid Your Business Idea

How Mapping Software Can Aid Your Business Idea

I seem to have noticed plenty of Mexican fast food restaurants popping up around the South East, which means fiesta time for me. But what about other cuisines, or indeed business ideas, that just seem destined to succeed? If you’ve spotted a great niche in the market, mapping software could […]


Visualising Postcode Data Using Map Symbols

Dots on Map

The use of Business mapping software, where you import your specific business datasets into a digital map environment, enables geographic data visualisation, but it doesn’t end there. Dots On A Map A web map software product will automatically deal with the import of data from your Excel spreadsheet or CSV […]


Using Business Mapping Software for Marketing Analysis

Market Analysis

There are many different ways a business can use mapping software for market analysis, from straightforward visualisations to sophisticated analysis involving market penetration and export of target lists. It often involves using a spatial or geographic reference point within a marketing dataset. The accuracy level of geo-locating that dataset can […]


Winter Temperatures Outside – Time for a Heat Map!

Winter Temperatures Outside – Time for a Heat Map!

Heat maps can be a great way to bring your business data to life with mapping software. They show how the intensity of something varies geographically, using vibrant colours to highlight hotspots. It can be a helpful way to show anything from customer sales to population density to, well, temperature. […]


Mapping the Money – Map your Financial Goals

Visualisation of sales or marketing results

Much of the focus in these articles has been on how the sales and marketing user can display the location of customers, prospects and competitors, to help visualise their business for the first time in a geographical context. Mapping the Money Mapping software can also provide an audience with an […]


Mapping for sales and marketing professionals

Visualising the location of customers

Mapping software, in the form or our online hosted solution Map Business Online, is being used in the main by Sales and Marketing professionals.  When talking to customers, we’re finding that Map Business Online (MBO) is being used both by the IT novice who is new to cloud based software […]


Why are businesses using Business Mapping Software?

Why are businesses using Business Mapping Software?

Not a week goes by without having a new conversation about how businesses are using online business mapping software.   We get enquiries from many different sectors so we have categorised these into the following types of business, both to protect client confidentiality and also to distil them into useful business […]


Business mapping software to rethink your strategic sales plan

Import company business location

Geography is one of the key factors when reviewing your strategic sales plan. Do you have core sales areas in England, Scotland or Wales that are overwhelmed by calls for current and potential customers, and remote sales locations that require much more effort to convert sales? Sales people in more […]


Top 5 ways to increase business sales

This week we look at the challenge of how to increase business sales.These 5 general principles will apply to most companies, no matter what business sector you are in. 1. Reach more prospective customers Effective marketing is vital to any business, allowing you to reach potential customers and generate sales […]