Franchise Territory Mapping

How Maid2Clean used mapping to improve their franchise operations

Maid2Clean Franchise Wall Map

Maid2Clean pride themselves on being one of the major providers of domestic and home cleaning throughout the UK. They currently have over 100 franchisees and are actively seeking more. The Maid2Clean franchise model operates on a geographic area being allocated to the franchise and specifically their operational model involves home […]


Optimise your franchise territory with mapping

Optimise your franchise territory with mapping

There is no doubt that the area that a franchise operates within is integrally important to the operation of the business. Not only is the business only allowed to operate within that area legally but additionally, often the specific areas within the area hold the key to the successful development […]


How to make a success of your franchise business

Success in your franchise business is key

The main initial task of a company that has expanded using the franchise model is the increase the number of franchisees. The process usually involves an investment from the franchisee in terms of money and time. However to develop an ongoing successful franchise business, the number of franchisees is not […]


Franchise Territory Mapping for Yoga Bellies (Dragons Den)

Franchise Territory Mapping for Yoga Bellies

Yoga Bellies offer classes, therapies and workshops for women at every stage of their lives including pregnancy and birth; for post-partum mum and baby and now also, yoga for children. In 2012 the founder of Yoga Bellies, Cheryl Macdonald, approached Lovell Johns for help and advice on how to carry […]