Sales Territory Mapping

Visualising Postcode Data Using Map Symbols

Dots on Map

The use of Business mapping software, where you import your specific business datasets into a digital map environment, enables geographic data visualisation, but it doesn’t end there. Dots On A Map A web map software product will automatically deal with the import of data from your Excel spreadsheet or CSV […]


Mapping the Money – Map your Financial Goals

Visualisation of sales or marketing results

Much of the focus in these articles has been on how the sales and marketing user can display the location of customers, prospects and competitors, to help visualise their business for the first time in a geographical context. Mapping the Money Mapping software can also provide an audience with an […]


Mapping for sales and marketing professionals

Visualising the location of customers

Mapping software, in the form or our online hosted solution Map Business Online, is being used in the main by Sales and Marketing professionals.  When talking to customers, we’re finding that Map Business Online (MBO) is being used both by the IT novice who is new to cloud based software […]


Why are businesses using Business Mapping Software?

Why are businesses using Business Mapping Software?

Not a week goes by without having a new conversation about how businesses are using online business mapping software.   We get enquiries from many different sectors so we have categorised these into the following types of business, both to protect client confidentiality and also to distil them into useful business […]


Five ways territory mapping software will improve your business

Sales Territory applications

A small investment in territory mapping software could help your business survive and prosper, whether you work for a large organisation or a small business start-up. 1. Territory Maps Define Ownership There is a need for clear ownership and accountability within any organisation. This is often split geographically, so you […]


Franchise Territory Mapping for Yoga Bellies (Dragons Den)

Franchise Territory Mapping for Yoga Bellies

Yoga Bellies offer classes, therapies and workshops for women at every stage of their lives including pregnancy and birth; for post-partum mum and baby and now also, yoga for children. In 2012 the founder of Yoga Bellies, Cheryl Macdonald, approached Lovell Johns for help and advice on how to carry […]


How a training provider made cost savings by mapping their postcode data

Cost savings mapping postcode data

A specialist training provider contacted us as part of a strategic review of their business territories. They were looking to reduce costs and improve efficiency by servicing smaller, more focussed territories. The business had expanded beyond their core areas, but that brought higher costs for sales and marketing, as well […]


Tips for managing sales territories

Sales teams often split customer accounts and prospects up into territories that are managed by a single responsible salesperson. This may be done by sectors or client types, but there is often a geographical element to this. In this article, we look at how to get the most from your […]


Understanding your sales territories to increase sales

Understanding your sales territories to increase sales

Sales territories are often created on a geographical basis, and are sometimes defined entirely as a particular area of responsibility. The salesperson stands a better chance of maximising sales from that region if they have a good understanding of their territory. This ranges from the obvious, like planning efficient visits […]


How mapping software can aid sales planning

How mapping software can aid sales planning from businessmapcentre2013 Mapping software can be used by businesses to aid sales planning in a range of ways. These include; Sales Territory creation; customer profiling; direct marketing planning; analysis of spatial patterns and allow the sharing the data across organisations. This presentation looks […]