Best advertising campaigns that use maps

Best advertising campaigns that use maps

Absolut Vodka A ‘light-hearted’ advert for Absolut vodka in 2008 for the Mexican market managed to cause a “storm in a shot glass”. The ad showed an ‘antique’ map of North America dating to before the Mexican-American War, when large parts of what is now the USA belonged to Mexico […]


How to create a successful advertising campaign

Maps used in successful advertising campaign

Each successful advertising campaign is looking for a feature to make their image stand out from the crowd; the whole point is that the brand to be promoted is noticed by its target audience. There are many ways to create a successful advertising campaign and the creative and innovative use […]


Road atlas versus sat nav

Road atlas versus sat nav

  We all have a road atlas in the back of our cars and most drivers own a satellite navigation system, but what are the arguments for the road atlas versus sat nav? Until a few years ago, all drivers had to rely on was the traditional paper copy of […]


Estate Agency Office Refurbishment Ideas

Fitting out your estate agency office

Estate agency office refurbishment Office refurbishment can prove to be both daunting and expensive, but the importance of doing it properly should not be underestimated. This is even more prevalent for estate agents, as potential customers will see your office before they even walk through the door. House prices are […]


Optimise your franchise territory with mapping

Optimise your franchise territory with mapping

There is no doubt that the area that a franchise operates within is integrally important to the operation of the business. Not only is the business only allowed to operate within that area legally but additionally, often the specific areas within the area hold the key to the successful development […]


How to make a success of your franchise business

Success in your franchise business is key

The main initial task of a company that has expanded using the franchise model is the increase the number of franchisees. The process usually involves an investment from the franchisee in terms of money and time. However to develop an ongoing successful franchise business, the number of franchisees is not […]


Web mapping software – Open source v proprietary

Open source v proprietary mapping software

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), in the broadest sense, is a range of software applications to enable the handling of geographic or spatial data and mapping. Today the range of applications is quite wide and encompasses desktop software, web mapping software, spatial database tools & libraries and GIS in the form of […]


How a Large Insurance Company used Employee Maps for Emergency Planning

How a Large Insurance Company used Employee Maps for Emergency Planning

Insurance companies are specialists in risks and how to manage them. A prestigious insurance company contacted us after looking at the possible impact that a major local emergency or a transport network failure could have on their own business. We worked with them to create a set of employee maps […]


How Mapping Employee Locations can aid your Business

Mapping Employee Locations (image tejvanphotos)

The most valuable resource for many organisations is the staff. Director, office managers and human resources staff can spend considerable effort supporting employees so that they are highly effective in their work. With the use of mapping technology, it is possible to visualise where staff live from nothing more than […]


Developing a Sustainable Transport Policy for your Business

Sustainable transport policy for your business

In this age of environmental awareness and accountability, many companies are becoming much more aware of the benefits of sustainable transport for their clients, employees and suppliers. This now forms a core part of the business strategy for many large companies and is only likely to increase in its relevance […]