The UK is experiencing a burgeoning demand for fast-food, so fast food outlets need to be able to serve their customers with ever more efficiency and in greater volumes.

Whether delivering direct to a customer’s home or selling over the counter, Delivery Maps for Fast Food Outlets are a great asset in providing this service.

If deliveries are not executed in good time then customers will shun a fast food outlet, so the ability to plan delivery routes is essential. Key to this is having a defined delivery radius/ territory boundary for the outlet.

Delivery drivers need to operate within manageable distances in order to regulate delivery times and this can be easily achieved by way of a radial circle added over street mapping. For instance, Radial circles can be added at specific intervals (miles or kms) so that deliveries further away attract a higher delivery cost or can help you to justify a longer delivery time to the customer.

Delivery Maps for Fast Food Outlets

Delivery Maps for Fast Food Outlets

Our Delivery Maps for Fast Food Outlets use A-Z street mapping where possible and it is often necessary to locate a customer’s address on a printed copy of the map. The addition of a street index enables the cross referencing of a road to its corresponding grid square on the map. Thus further enhancing the efficiency of both taking the order and plotting a speedy delivery route.

For customers using Integer software we can format the grid on the map specifically for this purpose.

We have supplied Delivery Maps for Fast Food Outlets to Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos and many others and the list continues to grow.

Whether providing maps with radial circles, street indexes, Postcode boundaries, Trade Zones or any of the other optional extras that can be added, Delivery Maps for Fast Food Outlets are a key part of a profitable business.