Emergency Planning Maps for East Sussex Fire & Rescue

Emergency Planning Maps for East Sussex Fire & Rescue

For the fifty or more Fire & Rescue services that provide emergency cover for the United Kingdom, emergency planning maps are of paramount importance as a tool to assist in the efficient provision of fire prevention & safety.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue required emergency planning mapping for both their control centre and training centre in order that they could provide their 24 Fire Stations with a general overview of the geography of the area and also to help in more detailed tasks such as emergency route planning and response capability.

The requirement was to provide mapping for not only East Sussex but also Cambridgeshire & Suffolk, using a mixture of Ordnance Survey Landranger 1:50,000 and Ordnance Survey Street View 1:10,000. A 10km buffer zone had to be added around the required areas along with the addition of some important boundary line data.

The final deliverable was 10 maps, the largest of which being a 4000mm x 3700mm Roller Blind with a laminated front that could be written on. The other 9 maps were supplied on a 410gsm durable wallpaper which also had a laminated coating added.

These maps are now being used as operational tools for the services and are an essential aid in the provision of Emergency Planning for the area.