Emergency Services Mapping

Emergency Services Mapping

Organisations that deliver Emergency Services need to ensure that they can meet whatever demands are put upon them when an emergency arises, whether this is a time or a resource pressure.

Emergency Services Mapping is a critical part of this service and assists in a calculated deployment of resources to help to meet this demand.

We have supplied Emergency Services Mapping to Police, Fire and Ambulance services and Local Authorities which has helped to support them in this duty.

In the case of Thames Valley, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex & Kent Police this helped with situational awareness and assisted in effective decision making.

The Surrey, Scottish & Cheshire Fire services also benefitted from the planning assistance offered by mapping – in their case we added the Fire boundaries that were relevant to them.

Emergency Services Mapping is very important to bodies such as the Environment Agency. We have provided many large operational maps to their various regional offices. Important uses of mapping can be tasks such as identifying areas at risk from flooding.

The maps we have made for the Environment Agency often have data added to show information such as Water Management boundaries, River highlighted, Local Authority boundaries and other relevant symbology.