EMW Law are a firm of solicitors based in Milton Keynes. They recognised the value of encouraging their employees and clients to use sustainable transport methods to travel to and from their organisation and, as part of their Green Travel Plan, commissioned us to assist them in planning and making a map to show routes in the area.

We consulted closely with the law firm to bring in relevant stakeholder information to design a sustainable transport map that was relevant to all interested parties. Two green transport travel plan maps were created, to show different levels of information.

A local green travel plan map was created using street level mapping, to show walking routes within a 2 mile radius of the offices, highlighting pavement routes as well as off-street paths. The map also shows local points of interest and landmarks, such as restaurants, pubs and leisure facilities. The base mapping is clear but uncluttered with the walking routes highlighted in brighter tones of red and green to help them stand out.

Green Travel Plan Map

The cycle map covers a larger area or up to 8 miles radius at a smaller scale, more appropriate for this coverage. The offices are again marked in the centre of the map with local retail parks shown, as well as a listing of the outlets available.

We provided proof maps at various stages for the client to mark up important local features. EMW Law had close involvement with the design and layout of the mapping and were consulted at all stages of production.

300 copies of the double sided sustainable transport maps were printed, folded to A5 and delivered to the client to give out to staff and visitors.