Cannock Group Mapping software

Cannock Group Mapping Software


The Cannock Group, who specialise in the financial enhancement of property development transactions through the utilisation of enhanced capital allowances, approached Lovell Johns with a requirement for mapping software to assist with prospect identification.┬á┬á As a leading developer in the UK’s Enterprise Zones, Cannock staff are constantly reviewing potential development sites. Crucially, as part of this review, they need to understand in which Local Authority any prospect is situated.┬á Trying to determine the correct parent Local Authority from only a prospect postcode was proving an expensive exercise and Cannock concluded that mapping software would improve business efficiency.

Lovell Johns consulted with Cannock Group to understand the business processes involved and the desired output.  By demonstrating other live examples of relevant mapping software solutions, Lovell Johns were able to quickly build up a draft specification which was duly signed off.  Cannock Group chose a password protected online mapping solution to give flexible access to a chosen set of users.  A subscription-based website mapping tool using Ordnance Survey Open Data base mapping was developed, allowing registered users to easily visualise which Local Authority boundary their particular development site postcode falls within.  The mapping software has successfully provided Cannock Group with increased business efficiency and a definitive answer to the questions surrounding the locations of prospect data.