With over 200 branches in the UK and having doubled its size in three years, Handelsbanken is a Swedish bank that has been a rare success story amongst the recent tumult within the banking industry.

Handelsbanken spends little on marketing and instead relies on those most important commodities – customer satisfaction and an ever burgeoning reputation. Handelsbanken believes in only spending money on the things which give value to customers.

Typically a new branch will be set up when an existing branch in a town reaches around 12 staff. The existing branch is then considered to be at the limit of its size (in order to retain the feel of a local branch) and it will then split off to create a new bank in the same area.

Because Handelsbanken operates a decentralised network of branches, responsibility always lies with the local branch and only for the geographical areas that surrounds the branch. The geographical area that the branch can operate within will only cover specific postcode districts. This of course is where a map can make the difference.

A Handelsbanken branch will supply us with the list of postcode districts that they operate within and we will then build a map around this area. Their specified postcode districts are overlaid over a sympathetic base mapping and a transparent blue fill is applied to all outlying areas in order to clearly differentiate between what is within and what is outside the branches remit.

The Handelsbanken logo and the branch name will then be added to a corner of the map to give it the all important branding that it requires.

The maps can be supplied at any size and in a number of finishes, ranging from basic Paper or Laminated finishes to premium finishes like Acrylic, or even Wallpaper to cover large wall spaces.

You can see a map that we produced for the Handelsbanken branch in Warrington in the image below. Their map used a 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map base with the required postcode districts, exterior mask, logo & branch name applied. This was then blown up to a size of 1189mm x 841mm and was supplied as a framed Canvas finish map.

Handelsbanken Warrington Map

Handelsbanken Warrington Map