When the global discount supermarket chain Lidl, which operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and over 590 stores in the United Kingdom, contacted us regarding a requirement for good quality street mapping it was recognisable that an up to date and accurate type of mapping was required. A-Z mapping was the clear candidate for meeting these criteria.

Lidl required four paper copies of 13 different London Borough & District maps – 52 in total – with the local authority boundaries added over the top of the mapping in thick red lines. The maps used the well known A-Z 1:14,000 scale “Classic” style of mapping, with one copy of each map being provided in standard full colour.

How Lidl Used A-Z Mapping To Aid Their Business

How Lidl Used A-Z Mapping To Aid Their Business

The other three copies of each map were greyscaled.

Greyscaling of mapping enables colour coding or shading of areas on the map to help with planning and operational requirements. It is also easier to write notes on a greyscaled map as it will be easier for the eye to pick out the notes against a more uniform background colour.


A-Z street mapping was perfect for this job due to the currency of the data and because of the high level of information contained in it including overland rail & tube stations and places of interest such as museums, parks, hospitals & schools.