Maid2Clean pride themselves on being one of the major providers of domestic and home cleaning throughout the UK. They currently have over 100 franchisees and are actively seeking more.

The Maid2Clean franchise model operates on a geographic area being allocated to the franchise and specifically their operational model involves home or office visits. Therefore there is no doubt that mapping plays an important part of both the marketing and operations of each franchisee.

Initially individually several franchisees raised a need for mapping internally and to take out with them when doing door drop marketing activities. Eventually the need was so great that the management of the franchisor initiated an exercise to actively inform all the franchisees about using maps knowing that they would have an instant effect on the success of the franchise businesses.

Typically Maid2Clean franchises are supplied with 2 key products, firstly a franchise area wall map for overview used within the franchise business. The wall maps show only the area that each franchise covers along with a specific boundary line. Additionally the franchisee can choose to add postcode overlays, logos and any other information they may feel necessary.
The other product that is often supplied is the A4 Digital Street Atlas which provides a simple solution for mapping the franchise area at street level. The maps are supplied as catalogued A4 PDF’s making them easy to find and print as required. The street mapping also shows postcode sectors or district overlaid for better planning use. These maps are actively used when planning door drop activities and the relevant pages are printed out and given to the member of the team doing the door drop to help them understand the area required to be dropped.

Maid2Clean Franchise Wall Map

Maid2Clean Franchise Wall Map

To help with the understanding of how mapping can be used to improve performance, our team attended one of their yearly conferences to give an on hand demonstration of the products available.

So far the maps are proving invaluable to the Maid2Clean business and we continue to work closely with the franchisees.