Top 5 ways to increase retailer footfall

  1. Refresh the shop window.  For a high street retailer, an eye catching shop window is a vital way of drawing shoppers into store.  Likewise, having a fresh and appealing website is key in attracting virtual footfall.
  2. Creative advertising.  Whilst it is often said that the true value of advertising is impossible to measure, retailers continue to spend heavily on advertising in different mediums.  A rethink on adverts can undoubtedly catch the eye of customers and increase customer traffic.
  3. Special offers.  Sometimes even ‘lost leaders’, can be used by retailers to draw customers into store in an effort to increase spending levels
  4. Marketing with maps.  Encourage customers to visit a store or dealership by visualising their proximity with clear maps as part of a direct mailing campaign or web page.
  5. Money off vouchers.  Encourage customers back into store with discounts on products and services.