Signage can be a very influential factor in helping a client to decide who to entrust work to, chiefly due to the fact that it is often the first and most long lasting impression the client will have of a business. Therefore, Signage is required to have a magnetic effect upon the client, being attractive enough to look good but also to authoritatively communicate quality & professionalism.

With the earliest maps being created thousands of years ago there can’t be many forms of communication with the longevity of a map and the power a map has to engage someone’s attention has never been more relevant than it is today.

Orbis Terrarum 1700

Orbis Terrarum 1700

Mapping is on trend all across the retail market at the moment and it is being used more and more as a decorative feature, so of course it makes sense for companies to work together to reach all the potential markets that have a need for it.

Becoming a Reseller of our map data gives a Sign Company the ability to use mapping to print fascia signs, internal signs, office wallpaper, Window Displays and anything else that you may have requirements for.

You can select only the geographical area that the client needs to cover so that the mapping relates to their delivery zone or region of operation.

Our Mapping data is available in many different scales, from street mapping to maps of the World so there is always a suitable scale available for any clients’ requirement. As well as this you can add images over the top of the data, such as logos, titles, etc and we have many extra boundaries that can be incorporated such as postcodes, counties, radial circles and so on.

Optional extras for mapping data

Addition of boundaries, radial circles, multiple locations and logo.


All of our map datasets are available in Raster format (PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc) where the data uses pixels (like a photograph) and consists of a flat single layered image. This data can usually be blown up to around 200% of its natural size before any pixelation of the image occurs and the picture quality suffers.

Some map datasets can be supplied as Vector data and this can be blown up in size without pixelation as Vector files don’t use pixels – they use mathematical formulae to blow the image up exponentially without loss of clarity in the text or line work.

Our Vector data consists of layers for each mapping feature – e.g. there are layers for A Roads, B Roads, Rivers, Buildings and so on. Each layer can be manipulated to turn them on/off, recolour them, resize them, etc.

Furthermore, it is a fact that maintaining a consistent corporate brand identity is essential in business, so ensuring that a clients’ corporate colours, style and logo placement remain faithful to the brand is essential.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding

Some mapping data attracts print royalties on its usage, whereas some data is specifically royalty free.

Royaltied data carries a charge for both the release of the data and a cost relating to the number of copies printed and square kilometerage the mapping coves on the ground.

Royalty free data datasets allow you to pay just a one off data release cost and we then provide a license that enables the end user to use the mapping for a specified usage and number of prints.

It is also possible with some Royalty free data datasets to purchase a perpetual license with no restrictions on the number of users or the number of prints made.

So for a great way to add value to your offering, have a look at our Mapping data for Sign Companies and involve yourself in an ever more popular and vibrant sales area.