Rubicon Estates are an independent estate agency based in Limehouse, an up and coming part of London that mixes riverside apartments, bars and pubs on the river and converted warehouses.

As a leading estate agent in the area, Rubicon has a reputation as being both friendly and professional. As such they needed a map that could be at the same time attractive and eye catching but also informative and accurate.

Rubicon wanted the Customers entering the office to see a compelling overview of their local coverage area but one that utilised their corporate colours to reinforce their branding and make the customer feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Therefore the customer chose Philip’s mapping – a detailed street mapping dataset that is both detailed and visually pleasing and opted to create a colour ramp based on their Blue corporate colours where the different classifications of roads were recoloured in subtlety changing gradients of the colours.

The map was then printed as wallpaper and installed to dazzling effect to take its place as an impressive statement that Rubicon knows their area and know that their map helps them to stand out from other agents.

Recoloured map for Rubicon Estates