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"Web or desktop mapping software to help businesses visualise data to make key decisions"

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Mapping software can be an extremely useful support tool for small, medium and large businesses. Mapping software is designed to collect, store, retrieve and display business data visually making it easier for businesses to understand, see patterns and make key decisions. Traditionally mapping software was restricted to major suppliers, however although these are still used within businesses with a specific need, today there are many options that involve much less investment in monetary terms and in time.

We have a range of mapping software options for businesses that have a need to complete typical day to day business tasks such as:

  • Sales Area Analysis – incorporating drive times, customer locations and other required data. This type of mapping software is used to help plan sales or territory areas.
  • Market Segmentation – helps business plan and market using geographical data to provide focus. Visualise customer and demographic data within the mapping application.
  • Asset Management – mapping software to help businesses manage and maintain assets.
  • Other – advertising planning, retail or office location planning, Emergency Planning etc.

Although the above mapping software applications are typical to many businesses, we are often asked for business specific solutions to help with a problem. For these types of requirements, we help our business customers understand the best options and related cost implications. We then create a custom application that can be implemented within the business. Examples of this include a retailer auditing tool for a major electronics company, a tool to export mailing postcode data to a specific drive time area and many more.

These types of requirement are often thought to be best implemented as internal business mapping software, however providing a locked web based mapping solution is also a viable option offering a user friendly and often more accessible application.

If your requirement is a one off need or you don’t want to implement mapping software into your business, you might like to consider the business mapping bureau services that we offer.

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