It’s not unusual to walk past your local football pitch on a sunny Saturday morning and see marauding packs of mini Messis & Ronaldos charging around, donning a kaleidoscopic range of home & away strips, representing nearly every imaginable club insignia.

Leaving aside the jokes about some of the fans of large clubs living several county widths away from their grounds, it is actually extremely vital for football clubs to understand the geography of where their support base resides.

Our Football Supporter Location Maps allow you to see at a glance where your supporters travel from to get to the match.

Football Supporter Location Maps

One obvious area where this will make a difference to the club is in the planning and management of public transport requirements, with the at a glance location information that the map will allow.

Here are some key Benefits:

  • Make planning transportation routes far easier for match days
  • Reduce transport costs
  • Make your transport services more efficient and therefore greener
  • Provide useful information for football policing

However, these maps can also help you to manage your youth & community projects and charitable work by highlighting areas where there is a large fan presence.


Football Supporter Location Maps detail

To create a map specific to your club, we take a list of supporter postcodes. We will then provide you with a wall map showing the dispersion of these supporters by Postcode Sectors (e.g. B1, B2, B3 etc) or per square km.


Football Supporter Location Maps Key

To ensure that the map fits in your offices or boardroom we will add club colours and any artwork (e.g. club badge etc) to brand the map. Football Supporter Location Maps can be provided in a variety of finishes to fit with any decor, whether it is being hung in the kit room or the boardroom.