Printed Custom Maps

We can make Printed Custom Maps to your exact requirements, either as Custom Wall Maps or perhaps as Map Wallpaper for larger areas of wall-space.

We can also provide Promotional Maps in large quantities, folded, flat or as tear off pads, or Territory Maps that clearly define your area.

We offer a range of sizes and finishes to suit your needs.

See the different range of finishes our maps are available in.

Custom Wall Maps

We can supply large scale customised maps based on up-to-date Ordnance Survey, A-Z or Philip’s mapping data. We can also make custom UK maps or even custom World maps.

Our custom maps can be tailored to your exact requirements, where we can vary the size, colours, style, scale and finish of the map.

Quality solutions, quality cartography

Map Wallpaper

If you have a large space to impress with then Map Wallpaper is a powerful way to do so.

You can use any of our large scale map datasets to cover your wall, or perhaps one of our range of wall maps on our sister website Maps International.

Create a splash!

Promotional Maps

Promotional Maps are a stylish way to stay in front of your customers.

At Business Map Centre we can create high quality branded promotional maps designed to your exact requirements.

  • Promotional Wall Maps
  • Folded Maps
  • Tear Off Maps

Stay in front of your customers

Territory Maps

Territory Maps can be used by businesses to help plan resources efficiently and carry out sales and marketing activities on a fair and scientific basis.

  • Sales Territory Maps
  • Franchise Territory Maps
  • A4 Digital Postcode Street Atlas

Maps to help you visualise and plan