Exertis, one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers, contacted us as they were building a new facility in Burnley to relocate their current location and they required a map that would help them campaign for better bus networks, in order to help with the move and travel plans for their workforce.

The map would need to fulfil the following functions:

  • A street level heat map which identifies where staff live in comparison to the new site.
  • A map which shows all the relevant bus routes and public transport routes to the new site.

The map would also be used to provide information to the local council and bus companies in order to try and add in an additional stop and/or alter a route to aid staff and thereby providing better bus networks.

Exertis bus network overview

Ordnance Survey Openmap at 1:10,000 scale was chosen as the base mapping as it is up to date, shows individual street names and also the names of districts within a town. The background OS Openmap data was then greyscaled so that the staff locations, routes and stops would stand out clearly.

The client supplied an excel spreadsheet of staff postcodes which we geolocated on the map and then displayed these staff locations as black triangles.

Six bus routes needed to be added in different colours and stops had to be added along the routes. We used National Public Transport Access Node (NaPTAN) codes to position the bus stops and we obtained the route info directly from the bus operator in the area.

Four of these routes had stops that differed in location on the way in to town (shown as circles) and on the way out (shown as squares). Where multiple routes followed the same road we had to edit the map to line the route lines up next to each other so each route was clearly visible.

Exertis adjacent routes

Finally, a red star was added to signify the company location and a Legend was created to tell the reader what the various lines and symbols represented.

We supplied the map not as a printed copy but as a PDF file in order that Exertis could have a digital source of information to base their planning on.