The map below shows the top 10 Eurosceptic and Europhile areas of Britain.

Brexit Opinion Map

Brexit Opinion Map

With the date set for the European Union referendum on 23rd June this year, we thought it would be interesting to see which areas of Britain are most for and against staying in the EU. New YouGov research which uses the profile data of over 80,000 British people on the panel reveals the areas in Britain which are most Eurosceptic and Europhile.

Five of the top ten most Europhile areas are based in London, with the other five are outside of England. On the other hand, three of the most Eurosceptic areas are based around the South East.

YouGov points out that euroscepticism of various areas partly correlates with lower income but also has strongholds in the more wealthy, Tory shires. It is also noted that apart from London, parts of Wales and London, many of the europhile areas are university towns with lower median ages and support for remaining in the EU is nearly always concentrated in geographically smaller, urban areas.