Do you need to prioritise the business that you offer to those people nearest to you, or do you need some way of charging your services out at different costs depending on how far you have to travel? If so then a Radius Map is going to be an invaluable tool to do so.

Radius maps are useful for a myriad of different business types but particularly for Schools, Fast Food companies and any company that uses Delivery Zones.

School catchment areas can be determined by specific distances from the School and the addition of radial circles at specified distances will offer a quick reference guide to whether a child falls within the catchment area or not.

Multiple Radials A-Z crop

Fast Food Companies often only offer delivery within a certain distance. Let’s say you only offer delivery within a 5 mile radius? Well the addition of a 5 mile radial circle from your postcode will enable you to quickly see whether a certain street can be delivered to. This is particularly helpful when used in tandem with a street index so you can look up which grid square a particular street is in.

General delivery companies may stipulate increased costs the further they deliver from their base. By colour coding radial zones you can clearly demarcate these zones so that a customer can be quoted quickly & efficiently.

Colour Coded Radial Zone

Colour Coded Radial Zone