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Maps fulfil a dual purpose within the Educational Sector. They are used to control catchment areas and analyse pupil distribution geographically but they also help to highlight the school, college or university’s outreach programs around the world and celebrate diversity.

The most common methods to show catchment areas are by radial circles or geographical boundaries. For a straight line distance catchment you can add radial circles to your map at a given distance from your postcode. For a walking distance catchment, priority admission area or other types of catchment we can manually digitize your boundary onto the map for you.

You may want to add Postcode or administrative boundaries such as Wards or Local Authorities to your map.

We can add Multiple locations to the mapping. Perhaps the locations of educational facilities are required with location markers and text information. Or you may want to understand your pupil distribution in the local area.

If you would like a map for decorative purposes then an Ordnance Survey map of your local area or a World Map to show locations of trips and educational visits is perfect. You can add extra information such as a School crest. We have also made customised World maps that recognise diversity by showing locations that pupils have ties to or that are special to them.

Wow…impressive service, the new map has just arrived! We will definitely do business with you again…many thanks

Dee McConkey,, Junior King’s School Canterbury

Both the parish priest and the school office are very pleased. Thanks for making the process so easy

John Nolan

What to Consider

We are here to help and can cater for almost any need, but before you call we would advise that you browse the site and consider

  • – what you want your map to do;
  • – is it for screen or print;
  • – what size and finish should it be;
  • – do you have any special requirements?

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