Map Wallpaper

If you have a large space to impress with, Map Wallpaper is a powerful way to do so. You can use any of our large scale map datasets to cover your wall, or perhaps one of our range of wall maps on our sister website Maps International. You can also select your own corporate colour theme for your wallpaper.

Planning your Wallpaper

Border: To ensure the best fit to your room, we provide a border around the map to allow you to trim to the room size. This is usually 5mm per dimension for normal/small wallpapers and 10mm for huge (say 4m +).

Fitting and Installation: Our pre-pasted wallpaper from HP needs no additional adhesive and is so simple to install that you won’t need to pay for a commercial decorator to do it for you (although we have fitters available should you wish).

Wallpaper details: The wallpaper is PVC free and is printed using HP’s Latex inks ensuring you get a more environmentally friendly mural compared to one produced with solvent inks. It is also odour-free making it safe for all rooms in the home and commercial interiors where the initial solvent smell would be an issue such as schools, restaurants, cafes and offices. The ultra smooth finish and the latex base of the inks provide vivid colour graphics with high-definition detail.

Removal: When the time comes to redecorate, HP provides a warranty for clean removal making it ideal for exhibition graphics or rented properties. You can then package up the stripped wall covering and recycle it through HP’s Planet Partners Recycling Program.

What to Consider

We are here to help and can cater for almost any need, but before you call we would advise that you browse the site and consider

  • – what you want your map to do;
  • – is it for screen or print;
  • – what size and finish should it be;
  • – do you have any special requirements?

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