Territory Maps

Map your Territory and
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Territory maps can be used by businesses to help plan resources efficiently and carry out sales and marketing activities on a fair and scientific basis.

This can be a simple set of lines drawn on a map marking out Sales Areas, or a more complex set of franchise territories using geo-demographic datasets.

How to construct a territory

In dividing the country into territories, a recognized geographic boundary will be required to communicate the areas. For some businesses, a simple County, Regional or Local Authority boundary model may be an ideal way of mapping Sales territories or service provision. The most common approach is the use of Postcode Areas, Districts and Sectors as a means of dividing the country into smaller more manageable parts.

Sales Territory Maps

For Sales Territories

Sales Territory Maps can be created from clusters of existing geographical boundaries (such as Postcode Districts/Sectors), by distance (straight lines or “as the crow flies”, by Drivetime (from a Postcode), or boundaries manually drawn around clusters of customer addresses/store locations etc.

Franchise Territory Mapping

For franchise growth

For Franchises, the creation of territory mapping is generally a one-off requirement at the starting point of your franchising process; perhaps the creation of a first single territory as a proof of concept or indeed the creation of all territories across the country.

A4 Postcode Digital Street Atlas

Street Mapping for

large areas

We can supply an easy-to-print A4 PDF map for each Postcode District or Postcode Sector that your Franchise covers.

The Postcode type that you choose will be clearly overlaid onto the mapping.

What to Consider

We are here to help and can cater for almost any need, but before you call we would advise that you browse the site and consider

  • – what you want your map to do;
  • – is it for screen or print;
  • – what size and finish should it be;
  • – do you have any special requirements?

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